Historical Changes in Japan and Reiki’s Connection To It

“Reiwa” The new era’s name
“Reiki” spiritually guided Lifeforce Energy, written in Japanese kanji characters

By Muniqui Muhammad of Healing Land Reiki

Greetings to you from Japan where one era is coming to a close and another is about to begin. The beginning of this new era is full of opportunities for Reiki practitioners in ways that we could not have imagined.

In Japan, when a new emperor ascends the throne, a new calendar era begins with a new name. On May 1, 2019, Emperor Akihito (Emperor Heisei) will abdicate after 30 years on the imperial throne, and his son, Crown Prince Naruhito will become the new Emperor. This will mark the beginning of the new Reiwa (令和) era in Japan.
Many people “…appeared to happily welcome the name, which means “auspicious” (rei) and “peace” or “harmony” (wa).”1
The “Rei” in Reiwa (令) and Reiki (霊) are Japanese homonyms. Homonyms are words that sound the same but have different spellings and meanings (bore and boar; seer & sear.) Because of the similar sound of the Reiwa “Rei” (令) and Reiki’s “Rei” (霊) and because “Ki” (気) translates as energy, it’s possible that some Japanese people may become interested in learning about or perhaps even practicing Reiki simply because of how it sounds. It is possible that some people could assume “Reiki” is written “令気” which would translate as “Auspicious Energy.”

 Wouldn’t that be interesting?

Now is an exciting time for Reiki Practitioners to deepen their connection to the land of Reiki’s Birth. Why? Because the sound of “Rei” has become a positive cultural force in Japan and to Japanese people. They will hear the “Rei” sound everyday and it has become a part of Japanese history and culture. Wherever we are, this is an opportunity for practitioners of Reiki to use our unique connection to Japan to participate in the Reiwa commemoration activities or plan some of your own.
Here are a few practical suggestions. If you have another idea that makes your soul vibrate, go for it:

• Be clear about your intention. Take time to sit with yourself and send Reiki to yourself and to your desire to participate in Heisei Era Closing/Reiwa Era Beginning activities. If you are a Level 2 and above practitioner of Usui Reiki, use the Distance Symbol to send Reiki to the Reiwa era that begins May 1st Japan time/April 30th to all in the Western Hemisphere

• Reach out to local Japanese organizations, Japanese students’ organizations at l ocal universities, Japanese Chambers of Commerce in your city, state/province/prefecture etc. Ask them will there be any events to commemorate the ending of the Heisei era and the beginning of the Reiwa era.

• If there are commemorative events planned, ask how you could participate. Show an interest and desire to help if there are plans in the works. If it is asked why are you interested, tell them:
“I’m a Reiki practitioner and my craft originated in Japan so I want help honor
the country of Reiki’s Birth.”
Be prepared to answer the question “What is Reiki?”
I use, “Reiki is a Japanese technique that causes the body to relax and promotes health” or plan to engage in conversations about Reiki with people who may have heard of it but are not too familiar with it.

• If there are not any commemoration activities planned, ask If there is an interest in having an event in your area. It can be as large or small, open to the public or private. Regardless of the size, it is the intention that counts.
Commemoration activities could include, but is not limited to:

• Recounting Japanese contributions to the world from January 8, 1989 to April 30,
2019 (The Heisei Era)
• Authentic Japanese cuisine prepared by people who have such knowledge.

• Information on how to play the following Japanese games can be found on the internet:
-Kendama (a Japanese version of the classic cup-and-ball game)
-Oni Gokko (Japanese hide and seek)

• Another idea would be for a local Reiki Circle or Reiki Share to have a “Reiki in Reiwa” event. For example, participants could take turns writing the Japanese kanji for Reiwa (令和) and if they feel really confident, they could try their hand at writing the Japanese characters for the word Reiki (霊気). Prizes could include being the first person to receive Reiki at the Reiki share, or a special Reiwa themed discount on a Reiki session could be offered for the best writer of the Japanese characters. Another activity is for the participants to write their intentions on what they hope to bring in for the new era and send Reiki to the intentions.

I hope the information presented here gives insight into the meaning of the new Reiwa era to Reiki practitioners not in Japan. Also, I hope the outline of activities could be useful in planning your Reiwa commemoration activities. 

May the new Reiwa era bring to you what is in your highest good.

1 Yoshida, Reiji; “What’s in a name? Reiwa reflects today’s politics, Japan’s cultural history and a
social philosophy” Japan Times, April 2, 2019 https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2019/04/02/national/politics-diplomacy/whats- name-reiwareflects-todays-politics-japans-cultural-history-social-philosophy/ #.XKV4pS2B08a

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