Distance Reiki sessions with Reiki Journeys from Japan (Monthly subscription)

Feeling like you need to try something new and different for your healing journey?

Thinking if there is anything that will make your life better? Are you seeking guidance?

Give Reiki a Try!!!

We have worked with many people from different parts of the world and we feel blessed to be able to share Reiki with each person who has been guided to us. We have observed how Reiki has produced positive changes in our client’s lives after each session they received.

Many of our clients come to receive in-person Reiki sessions every month, without skipping even once. As a result, we have seen how Reiki has helped and continues helping them to move smoothly on their life path. Our clients tell us that receiving Universal Life Force Energy (Reiki) has enabled them to face various life challenges with more clarity and peace. With the help of Reiki, many of them noticed a significant reduction in acute and chronic stress levels. Many clients have said that some of their physical pain levels have gone down as well.

Our Reiki sessions are usually combined with Healing Experiences (Reiki Journeys) These experiences are uniquely guided by the Holy Fire® Reiki energy.  

A Reiki Journey is a technique we use to guide you to receive spiritual guidance and information from the highest sources of consciousness. It is a method for accessing realms of spiritual knowledge not easily achieved in your ordinary mind. For some, the Healing Experience will take place mostly in the subconscious mind while they remain in a state of calm and peace. For others, the experience may take the form of a pleasant dream. The Holy Fire® Reiki energy will provide the experience that each person needs the most.

Regardless to whether you are having an in-person session or having your sessions over the distance, the effects and benefits of it will be the same. This is one of the amazing facts about Reiki that many people love! You have a choice of having your session regardless of where you are in the world. This makes Reiki accessible to a variety of people. For this reason, many people choosing to have Distance Reiki sessions. 


Benefits of Distance Reiki Sessions

You can be at home in your casual wear or even in your pajamas and still receive Reiki the same as if you were at an in-person studio. To put it another way, you don’t need to drive or take any transportation to receive the benefits of a Reiki Session. 

Reiki sessions are an individual experience and each session flows differently for each person. For many people having a Reiki session can be a very deep healing experience. You may need some time to adjust and process what you have experienced after your session. For this reason, being in a comfortable space of your home can give you extra time to continue with your experience. 

Our Distance Reiki Sessions are 60min, usually for $90.

By subscribing monthly for $130, you are saving $50 and getting 2 sessions instead of 1!  We are looking forward to having sessions with you. 

Don’t miss our Special End of the Year/New Year’s Offer for you. You can subscribe now for 2 Reiki Sessions a month just for $95! (more than 25% off the normal subscription price)

This Special Offer Available until January 31, 2020. 

How to subscribe?

♦Step 1. Fill in the application here→ Application form

♦Step 2. Make a payment from the link below↓

***Subscription and Cancellation Policy***

Your 2 reiki sessions (60min each) will be counted from 1st till the end of the month. If you couldn’t use your sessions, they can not be transferred to the next month or a different month. Instead of that, we offer you an option to give it to your friends or family within the same month. Your monthly payment will be made according to the date you signed up. You can stop your subscription at any time. Please note that already made payments will not be refunded.

Distance Reiki Session subscription

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